Who We Are

At IMS Correctional Healthcare, we approach our work with passion, care, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Find out what makes IMS different. Continue Reading Who We Are

Redefining Correctional Healthcare

We have served correctional facilities in the state of North Carolina for nearly thirty years, and strive each day to uphold our mission of providing a quality local physician presence with an emphasis on excellent care, superior customer service, and positive clinical outcomes.

We partner directly with Counties and Sheriff’s Offices to provide detention center staff with the appropriate healthcare resources they need to improve the health and well-being of their inmate populations.

Find out more about who we are and what makes us different. 

Dr. Jay Piland

The IMS Mission

Dr. Jay Piland, and the broader IMS team of nurses, assistants, and support staff, have been serving counties in North Carolina since 1994 when Dr. Piland first began dividing his time between the ER and Detention Centers. As Dr. Piland became further involved with Sheriff’s Offices across the central/western portion of North Carolina, he began to observe the need for a local physician presence with an emphasis on excellent care and superior customer service to stand together at the core of the operating model for a correctional healthcare services provider to ensure consistency, fairness, and safety in day-to-day clinical decision making.

Consistent Focus On Excellence

IMS has grown through the years, adding new customer facilities, physicians, nurses, and support staff. However, our commitment to quality of care and local physician accessibility is unwavering. The depth of inmate medical services knowledge possessed by our team’s long-tenured members helps ensure that new clinical care team members are appropriately trained and given the resources to succeed in our core correctional environments.

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