Core Services

Core Services
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Intake and Booking Assessment

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Pharmaceutical Supply Managment

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Patient Health and Education Programs

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Triage and Sick Call

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Jail Staff Training

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Continuity and Discharge Planning

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Routine Primary Care and Urgent Care Services

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Substance Abuse and Detox Programs

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Suicide Prevention and Intervention

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HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Service

What makes IMS Correctional different?

We are a physician-centered, outcome-driven healthcare services provider.  Our healthcare practice is centered on physician-led care, direct physician oversight of our on-site nursing teams, and a focus on delivering the best healthcare outcomes to our patients.  That means we have a physician that regularly visits each customer facility, is on-call 24/7 with a very short response time, and available to ensure we are delivering high quality clinical care.

What service areas does IMS Correctional Healthcare cover?

We focus on the state of North Carolina. Our firm belief is that healthcare services are intensely local and cannot be managed and overseen from afar. We stay close to our home and cover our home territory.  With a local presence, we have senior level medical staff within a short driving distance from any of our customers and can react and be on site quickly in emergency situations.  This local focus drives better clinical outcomes for our patients.

Does IMS Correctional offer additional services such as mental health or medical services?
We focus on medical services but work closely with other service providers such as mental health professionals and dental professionals.  We believe that our customer service reputation is driven by our intense focus on delivering high quality, physician-led clinical care.  We do not believe it is in our customers' best interest for us to lose focus on what makes us great so we partner with the appropriate resources for other healthcare needs.  We will work with and coordinate with your preferred mental health or dental services provider.  In the event you want us to coordinate those additional services, we have a small list of high quality service providers we would recommend.  We can include this in our pricing so that there is one cost to the customer and we work directly with other service professionals directly.
How does IMS Correctional handle outside medical resources when needed?

We closely coordinate with outside medical services such as specialists and hospital ER services.  In our industry, we know some providers offer a "cost pool" feature that permits the sharing of outside medical costs with the customer.  We do not do this and won't offer this feature in our contracts.  Our focus is on driving the highest quality clinical care outcomes for our patients and cost-sharing arrangements can bias that decision-making.  Our pricing is straightforward and fixed on a monthly basis.  Because our nursing teams are physician-supervised, we adhere to strict clinical protocols overseen by our senior level medical team, including our Chief Medical Officer.  In the event that outside medical help is needed, we coordinate with the outside specialist or hospital facility.  

Does IMS Correctional have customer references you can share?

We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built in the state of North Carolina with our customers.  Without our customers, we cannot do what we do. We are passionate about making a difference in the lives of our patients.  Our customers allow us to do that and will speak highly of our service level response times, our commitment to their needs, and our focus on being a partner and extension of their department.  We are happy to provide a list of our current customers upon request and encourage anyone considering us as their medical services provider to talk to our current customers to learn how we operate.