Patient Education Programs

Designed to empower inmates to make educated decisions about their own healthcare. Continue Reading Patient Education Programs

Empowering Correctional Populations to Be Proactive About Healthcare

Due to the nature of correctional facilities, with large numbers of inmates living within a shared space, incidents of healthcare issues can be frequent and recurring. At IMS Correctional Healthcare, we believe that by training your facility’s population about proper healthcare management, many of these issues are preventable. 

We focus on educating the patient to understand when intervention into the health issues they are experiencing may be necessary. Our patient education programs are designed to help inmates to make educated decisions about their own healthcare, benefiting both the patient and the facility.

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Why is Healthcare Education So Important for Correctional Facilities?

Studies show that correctional populations have poorer physical, mental, and social health than the general population. Patients in correctional facilities are less likely to have the proper resources available to guide critical healthcare decisions. 

Our trained and highly skilled healthcare professionals will provide the following education services to your population to help each individual to play a bigger role in maintaining their own health.

  • Infection Control
  • Communicable Disease Awareness
  • Pregnancy Education and Care
  • Medication Schedules
  • Adherence to Special Treatment Plans
  • Mental Health Education

Learn more about how the IMS team will partner with you to create a customized comprehensive healthcare program designed to optimize the health of your facility’s population.

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