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Our team of doctors and nurses specializes in providing best-in-class personalized healthcare for inmates at North Carolina correctional facilities and detention centers.
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The IMS Difference

Founded by Dr. Jay Piland, IMS Correctional Healthcare has become North Carolina’s most trusted provider of correctional healthcare services. In 1994, Dr. Piland began to observe the need for a local physician presence and an emphasis on superior customer service to stand together at the core of the operating model for a correctional services provider to ensure consistency, fairness, and safety in day-to-day clinical decision making. Hence, the IMS Correctional Healthcare mission statement was formed: to provide the highest quality care to inmates housed within county correctional facilities in the state of North Carolina, at a fair and predictable price.

IMS has grown through the years, expanding across the state and adding new physicians, nurses, and support staff, however, our commitment to quality of care and local physician accessibility is unwavering. The depth of inmate medical services knowledge possessed by long tenured members of our team helps to ensure that new clinical care team members are appropriately trained and given the resources to succeed in our core correctional environments.

Partner with our Team of Top Healthcare Providers

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Partner with IMS Correctional Healthcare

We understand each North Carolina county and each correctional facility faces different challenges and has specific needs. Our team of experienced doctors and nurses helps develop a customized medical plan designed specifically for your facility to help you meet those challenges and accommodate the unique needs of your staff and inmate population.

As a true partner to both the county and each correctional facility, we are committed to being there when you need us most to deliver the best outcomes for our patients. When you need us, a member of our team will answer the call. And our team will be there, on-site, at your correctional facility with a doctor or nurse ready to serve.

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Comprehensive Healthcare and Educational Programs for Correctional Facilities

Comprehensive Healthcare Programs

Customized comprehensive healthcare programs tailored to your specific needs.

Substance Abuse and Detox Programs

Our healthcare professionals are trained at identifying and managing the symptoms of withdrawal.

Patient Education

Designed to empower inmates to make educated decisions about their own healthcare.

Staff Training

Highly skilled healthcare professionals train staff members to uncover health issues before they escalate.


We have been extremely pleased with IMS Correctional Healthcare. Dr. Piland is a principled physician and him and his team have exceeded our expectations in providing professional medical services to our jail.

For over 20 years, IMS has exceeded expectations from medical services at our jail. Dr. Piland and his team are courteous, respectful, and thorough during all exams. If any medical issue arrises, they make themselves available and make treating the patient their top priority. We are very fortunate to have them as our inmate medical services provider.

IMS has provided inmate medical services for over ten years at our facility. We have had an opportunity to work closely with Dr. Piland and his team, and they are approachable, professional and extremely ethical. Their experience in detention facilities and understanding of inmate behavilr needs makes them exceptional.

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