Quality Care Customer Focused

  Outcome Driven

Founded in 2000, IMS has built a best-in-class reputation for quality inmate healthcare services and an unwavering focus on customer service.  Our practice is built on a straightforward approach - a focus on delivering the highest level of care at a fixed and predictable price.  Our focus is on delivering the best outcomes for our patients while ensuring that our customers do not have to bear the burden of involvement in clinical care processes.  We pride ourselves on our customer service, quality care, clinical outcomes, and pricing transparency.


Key Differentiators

With our clinical care team fully based in North Carolina, we are able to maintain a highly local presence and ensure our customers experience the highest level of customer service. We believe that we are partners with our customers, not vendors. This partnership is critical in ensuring we are an extension of your corrections team and that we provide high-quality care at a level that surpasses your expectations. Because we are a smaller, locally-focused provider, we are able to maintain low overhead and provide affordable and transparent pricing to our customers. Our pricing is fixed and predictable ensuring we make medical care decisions in the best interest of our patients. 

IMS focuses on standard medical and critical care services for your facility. Our core services include intake and booking assessments, triage services, substance abuse and detox programs, and other critical medical services. We work closely with your staff on emergency care training and also work closely with outside medical services in the event that care is referred to external providers or specialists. Beyond our core services, we work closely with partner providers on mental health, electronic medical records software, and other key care services you may be interested in. Please visit the Services tab to learn more about our full suite of services.