Substance Abuse and Detox Programs

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Creating a Safe Environment for Managing Withdrawal

Alcohol and drug intoxication has become all the more common during intake and booking at county facilities in the region. IMS Correctional Healthcare understands this dynamic, and provides customers with access to skilled healthcare professionals trained at identifying and managing the symptoms of withdrawal. 

We realize that time is often of the essence when an inmate exhibits signs of alcohol or drug intoxication, which is why we put the proper checks in place to identify the warning signs early via correctional staff training, tailored intake assessments, and 24 hour emergency access to healthcare staff.

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Explore the Withdrawal Management Process

All IMS clinical staff are trained to identify and manage withdrawal symptoms associated with many commonly abused substances, including but not limited to alcohol, opioids, and benzodiazepine. The first 8 hours after intake are crucial for gathering the appropriate information and creating the greatest chances for positive clinical outcomes for afflicted inmates:

  • Symptom identification at intake
  • Medical history and physical
  • Creating a safe environment for inmate, correctional staff, and clinical staff
  • Utilization of CIWA or COWS scores
  • Ongoing monitoring and administration of medication
  • Suicide identification and prevention

Find out how IMS Correctional Healthcare’s Substance Abuse and Detox Programs can change the way your correctional staff approaches the health of your facility’s population.

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